All photographers, like artists everywhere and across various mediums, are passionate. I don't claim to be any more or any less passionate than any other photographer.

What I do claim is that my heritage spans wide ranging and well-developed skills that hark back to the days of film photography in the 70's.

My background is advertising and promotional projects across commercial and charity sectors, I can often see angles that others can't and have nurtured a 'sixth sense' over time for producing an image that is unusual, sometimes quirky and will stand out from the crowd. I have worked on TV commercials with directors like Adam Smith from the Ridley Scott team and stills for charity media. I have also worked on charity shoots and voice with Joanna Lumley, Julie Walters, Caroline Aherne, Dervla Kerwan and Jeremy Irons to name but a few.

These days everyone is a photographer with their DSLR, compact camera or mobile in hand, however, the important difference is in the eye that an experienced photographer has in capturing what others cannot capture.

I personally sign all my work and aim to make every photograph as unique as possible, I photograph and print everything individually so every print I make is slightly different from the last one but created with care and attention to detail that is my trademark.

Accompanied photographer service
I am able to offer this service to small groups so that their photography needs for daily events or longer breaks are taken care of, professionally. I am also happy to organise and book travel and photography trips with instruction for this service. Please contact me to discuss your ideas further.

I am available for specific commission work either private or commercial, please contact me for more detail or for a chat about any particular project either in the UK or abroad.

PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY £150 per 2 hour session, if the location is outside of the UK then travel will be agreed before the project.

For UK projects I will come to an agreed location - your home / favourite place/ beach etc, take as many pictures as needed, edit them and put them online for you to view. Once you have chosen your images (max 10) I will make a CD of high resolution images for you to keep. If requested I can professionally print photographs and frame at an agreed cost.

Half day £195

Day £340

(Plus travel expenses at 40p per mile)

Please call to discuss specific requirements.



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